• Expertise
    Ampacs provides turnkey solutions to customers, with combined strengths of: (1) Vertical integration from design to manufacturing, (2) Plastic and metal-based precision injection for custom designs, (3) In-house innovative metal surface treatment technology, (4) ABFAT, the Acid/Base-Free Anode Treatment technology developed in house, is an alternative solution to anodization process on aluminum and aluminum alloyed metals, and (5) Eco-friendly, color performances, competitive costs and flexibility of tooling.


    Ampacs exceeds customer expectation in design, manufacturing and delivery.


    Ampacs moves towards “Industry 4.0”, an automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, by implementing the PEMS (Process & Event Management System) across its production lines. Thus, giving our customers real time analysis of our manufacturing process and quality. Information such as electronic board tests, product assembly, functional tests, repairs, environment and activity data pertaining to manufacturing and logistical control is collected and analyzed. It is made possible that quality, efficiency and status monitoring are under one control framework, thus creating a smart factory.

  • R&D power

    Ampacs currently has over 100 engineers for R&D and manufacturing technologies located in Taiwan & China. Top research and design is located at our headquarter’s in Taiwan. Manufacturing is done in our smart factories in China. All plants are fully equipped with test and inspection instruments and equipment. A complete functional lab is located at our HQ for unparalleled innovation. The company also has over 200 technicians fully devoted to the OEM/ODM manufacturing. Seamless connection between our HQ in Taiwan and our smart factories in China equate to state-of-the-art design and manufacturing capability. The rapid expansion results in that balancing between current and future development has been a key emphasis of the company.


    Ampacs has experienced engineering teams specializing in the following areas:

    1. 1. Acoustics – speaker drivers, sound chambers, multi-driver speaker modules, array-microphones, noise-canceling acoustics modules.
      2. Electronics – audio RF modules, digital amplifiers, imaging & sensing modules.
      3. Mechanical – high quality injection molds, plastics and metal stamped parts
    2. 4. Nano-grade surface treatment & coloring.
      5. IoT – WiFi & Smart Camera SOC applications, and embedded controller’s software/hardware.
      6. Application software – IoT networking, server-based applications, App’s, and specialized analytics software.

  • Advantages
    Ampacs is known for its wide-range scale and sophisticated manufacturing capabilities with millions of products made each year. All products are made to customer’s requirements and specification in such models as ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing). Ampacs’ advanced technologies and vertical integration ability from components to finished products gives added-benefits to our customers in time-to-market uniqueness and cost saving. Thus, giving them strong advantages over their competitors. In today’s highly competitive market place and ever evolving product demands, customers find Ampacs total integrated manufacturing solution a vital part in accelerating their success.

  • Innovation
    Ampacs continues to innovate in all aspects from materials to state-of-the-art technology by cooperating with strategic partners and advanced research institutions. Ampacs has achieved a smart factory by optimizing the digital manufacturing process where production, testing and quality control are all automated. Data collection, is done on a real-time basis to ensure the products are perfect throughout all phases of manufacturing and thus creating the highest quality and efficiency standards.


Strategy, Custom Product Design & Manufacturing.

Ampacs is a leading provider smart electronics product design, manufacturing and sales. End products include embedded systems, acoustics, speaker drivers, RF SOC modules, sensing & imaging processing and cloud-based applications.


State-of-the-art audio and imaging products for smart phones, tablets, PC's, game consoles, and connected home entertainment systems.

Ampacs' products fill the gap between traditional audio-visual devices and new-generation digital intelligent devices to meet today's demand for the perfect sound, high resolution image, trendy look, and convenience of use in personal and home entertainment and social settings.

Finished Products




Advanced software, acoustics, analog and digital technology-powered audio and imaging products for the modern consumer.

AMPACS Corporation established in 1998 is one of the international leaders in smart electronics product design, manufacturing and sales. The company has focused on developing a wide-range of technologies that include embedded systems, acoustics, RF SOC modules, sensing & imaging processing and cloud-based applications.

Having large-scale production facilities, Ampacs benefits from combined strength of technology and manufacturing aiming for serving in the uprising Internet of Things (IoT) market space. The company has established research centers, and engaged with several universities for the industrial-academic cooperation programs. Ampacs has been powered by the advanced research for its future growth.

AMPACS is headquartered in the Nankang Software Park of Taipei, Taiwan. The company has major manufacturing plants in Dongguan and Kunshan in China. The products currently manufactured center around console gaming headsets, smart IP-cameras, smart audio, hi-res audio & audio and IoT devices.


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Press Releases

Smart Headset
• Smart Headset 40mm neodymium driver with composite diaphragm
• Rated power: 20mW
• S.P.L.: 98±3dB at 1mW, 1kHz
• Frequency response 20-40kHz
• No battery needed
• Ultra low power operation & 24bit/48kHz resolution
• Connectivity: Lightning & USB Type-C
Smart Earbud with Type-C
• Premium version
• 9.2mm neodymium driver with composite diaphragm
• S.P.L.: 97±3dB at 1kHz for 1mW
• Frequency response 20-40kHz
• No battery needed
• Ultra low power operation & 24bit/48kHz resolution
• Connectivity: USB Type-C
Smart Earbud with Lightning
• Premium version
• 9.2mm neodymium driver with composite diaphragm
• S.P.L.: 97±3dB at 1kHz for 1mW
• Frequency response 20-40kHz
• No battery needed
• Ultra low power operation & 24bit/48kHz resolution
• Connectivity: Lightning
Speaker Drivers
Advanced material technology for a better sound

• 9.2mm driver unit
• 10mm driver unit
• 40mm driver unit
• 50mm driver unit
Smart Cables
• Quickly turn any headsets into smart lightning or Type C
• Optimized cost with wide selection of cable design
• No battery needed
• Ultra low power operation & 24bit/48kHz resolution
Carry Case
• Leather material
• High quality by hand made craft
• Multi-functional interior design
• Cover with Magnet
Phone Cases
• Modern style with different materials and coating
• Suitable for iPhone & Android cellphonest
• Beautiful design with high quality finish